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Fridays: 2:00pm – 8:00pm

Saturdays & Sundays: 12:00pm – 8:00pm


Music & Meals – Thursdays: 4:00pm-8:00pm



Acrylic Pouring Workshop: June 7th 6:00pm | Purchase Tickets HERE

Buti + Wine Event: June 14th 6:00pm | Purchase Tickets HERE



Our Wines

Our Story

Blue Mountain Vineyards is located west of beautiful Berthoud, Colorado. Berthoud is a small town surrounded largely by farmland, nicknamed the “Garden Spot of Colorado.” It is a town that embodies the small town charm and local feel that we love so much. We are a small operation and remain focused on being a positive part of the local communities that support us.

Both our winery and vineyard are nestled up against the foothills of the Indian Peaks Wilderness and Rocky Mountain National Park. The winery itself was constructed on a plot of farmland that was once a pasture but now hosts many trees and gardens as well as the vineyard. Our lake is home to various species of water birds, frequented by both golden and bald eagles and a summer visitor, the large osprey that likes to display its fishing expertise! The old cottonwoods on the shores of the lake make a perfect place for the Great Horned owls to roost at night. We love sharing our passion for wine making, our wonderful community and Colorado.

The Garden

In addition to our vineyard and winery, our property plays host to spectacular gardens. Christie’s gardens are her hobby, and her passion for gardening is quite evident. The gardens burst with color as the focus is to have plants that bloom from early spring until the first hard frost. The extensive gardens consist of arbors encased in silver lace, trumpet vines, and honeysuckle, there are over 55 species of trees amounting to more than 600 total, over 50 species of shrubs, and too many to count annuals and perennials. The gardens are laid out to not only bring beauty to the landscape but to attract various species of birds. During the warmer months of the year we recommend that you take a self guided tour the gardens as part of the experience.

The winter is when everything is dormant and the planning for the spring planting is put together.  We hope to have a large share of the preliminary gardens directly between the winery and the lake laid out and available for touring and picnics during this dormant period.

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