Cabernet Sauvignon

Our Cabernet Sauvignon has a French Oak front, with blackberry/currant notes that finishes with French Oak. This is a nice drinking wine and wonderful with cheese and meat.



Leading off with a hint of caramel and vanilla, the mixture of French and American oak brings out a nice spice with apple. Pair it with salmon, cod, shrimp, lobster, Gouda and aged cheeses.



Christie’s Blend

This is an American Oak aged port-style dessert wine. It has notes of raisin, coffee and subtle dark chocolate, with a smooth smoky finish. Serve this wine at room temperature. It goes well with desserts, and chocolate.




This is a soft Gewurztraminer, wonderful for summer and with any turkey dish, or Thai or spicy foods. Serve it chilled. It is a beautiful wine for enjoying with friends.



Harvest Gold – glass and bottle purchase only

This is our seasonal white blend, with a nice citrus aroma. The wine opens with a spicy pineapple note and finishes with a lingering, smoky, pepper flavor. This is an excellent choice for spicy foods and chocolates. This wine is robust enough to take on aged cheeses or a stronger profile Havarti or goat cheese.



Malbec – low stock

This wine has a wonderful rich fruit flavor with raspberry and blackberry tones, and aged on new French Oak. This wine pairs well with chocolate, steak, and is a popular choice for our customers who enjoy an evening cigar.



Marquette Blush – currently out of stock

This wine has a deep cherry flavor. It goes great with dark chocolate, and steaks. Don’t be afraid of the sediment at the bottom, as it is just grape particles due to the method in which the wine was made.



Merlot – currently out of stock

This is a soft wine with wonderful fruit notes. It goes great with steaks, cheese, and as an evening drink. It’s a nice wine to take to a party.



Pink Chardonnay – currently out of stock

Our Pink Chardonnay has the taste of a nice aged Chardonnay, with a background of wonderfully smooth brandy. It goes great with chocolate, and cheddar or colby cheeses.



Pinot Grigio (Slight Sweet)

This wine is very fruity with an apricot, peach, and apple front. It is sweet wine, that comes across as a sweet-sour feeling on the taste. Serve it chilled; the perfect wine for a hot summer afternoon or evening on the deck. It goes great with a vinaigrette dressing, and a chef salad with blue cheese crumbles.



Pinot Noir

This is bolder than our traditional Pinot Noir, with wonderful and lasting blackberry and cherry notes. It’s a dryer style that goes well with chocolate and steak.



This is a slightly sweet wine with wonderful crisp apple flavors. This Riesling is enjoyed by both sweet and dry wine drinkers. Serve it chilled, and maybe with a few frozen peach or apricot wedges in your glass. The wine pairs well with vinaigrette salad dressing, a chef salad with blue cheese crumbles, and spicy meats.



This wine takes on the flavor and mouth feel of an Old World Chianti. It is very smooth. The Sangiovese is great with wild game, hearty steaks, and Italian foods.




This is a wonderful, full bodied wine with a fruit taste that stays on your palette, and ends with a delightful cinnamon finish. It goes great with chocolate, rich chocolate desserts, and steaks.




This wine has a nice fruit front with a spicy and meaty finish. It has wonderful barrel flavors. This wine is great for an evening glass, and it is wonderful with meats and barbecue.